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Workplace Safety... it's a complete waste of money, right? Erm, no.

It is a bit like business insurance in a way – nobody wants to keep paying annual premiums ‘just in case’ but it’s something as business owners we all have to do, even safety consultants. You see, the law says that employers MUST appoint one or more competent persons to help them apply the rules and regulations of workplace safety. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself by following this link.

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We are HowesSafe. Supporting you on your health and safety journey.

Whether you need guidance preparing your safety documentation, completion of fire risk assessments, or ensuring your employees have received appropriate levels of training, HowesSafe can offer you expert assistance in a way that helps you understand and achieve your legal obligations.

We cover major business areas such as Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Scarborough and York.

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Our Services

Whether you are a new start-up business or an established organisation, we aim to provide you with the level of support that suits your needs.

Why not explore the services on offer below to see where we can add that little extra to your ever-growing safety portfolio.



HowesSafe has a range of professionally delivered training courses, all of which are open to self-funded individuals or company-funded groups.


Noise Surveys

Hearing damage often goes unnoticed until it is too late and irreversible. A timely noise survey can tell you if there is an issue in your workplace and what you can do about it. 


General Risk Assessments

Workplace hazards carry a variety of risks, and each need to be assessed to evaluate their impact on the safety of employees and others.


Special Risk Assesments

Some risk assessments need specialist knowledge and/or experience, such as chemicals, lone working and fire.


Policy Creation

All organisations need to have a health and safety policy, and HowesSafe are here to help create your policy documents.


Site Safety Inspections

HowesSafe will help you identify key workplace hazards through objective,  professionally driven site inspections.

Our Courses

HowesSafe has a range of safety-related training courses that focus not just on delivering knowledge, but also ensuring delegates can apply that knowledge in the workplace.

We can arrange courses in Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Scarborough and York. If you have an alternative place in mind, let us know.

Latest from the Blog

This is where you can keep up-to-date with the latest incidents, case studies and prosecutions. We will also publish any key legislative changes that might affect businesses in the UK.

How loud is too loud?

How loud is too loud?

Imagine what it might be like to live near a school. Quiet most of the day, but at play time the air is full of the sounds of children shouting, laughing, screaming and fighting. How about next to a military airfield or a mainline railway where the noise levels are...

Free H&S Assistance for Yorkshire Businesses

Free H&S Assistance for Yorkshire Businesses

Could your Health and Safety paperwork benefit from a totally free overhaul?  I bet it could. It's perfectly understandable that the most important thing for you at the moment is getting your business back to the strength it was before the lock down, but a return to...

COVID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 Coronavirus

I realise we are months into lock-down and the tide appears to be turning against Covid-19, but now that non-essential organisations are beginning to open for business once again, let's not become complacent. The threat of the virus is still real, and although we are...

Killer Cheeseburgers

Killer Cheeseburgers

The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 has had an impact on all of our lives, especially during the last couple of weeks where we find ourselves segregated from our loved ones, but unfortunately there are still some who think the rules do not apply to them. I have heard...

Safety Competence

Safety Competence

Competence is a word that crops up in many industries and at many levels, but what constitutes competence? Is it a person's qualifications, experience, integrity, knowledge? Perhaps it's all of those things and others besides. A dictionary definition may not mention...

Focus on Safety

Focus on Safety

Each month Howes-Safe will focus on a different aspect of workplace safety – your contributions and comments are most welcome.


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