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Noise at Work

Training & Instruction

Brief introduction

Recognising there is an issue with noise in the workplace is the first step to controlling harmful exposure, and giving employees sufficient training and information will help them to help themselves. 

This training session is intended to provide all employees with the level of information required under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, where excessive noise levels in the workplace have been identified.

Sessions for up to 14 delegates are for one day and can be held within your own training facilities or hosted at a local conference venue in cities such as Leeds, York and Sheffield, or many other towns and cities across Yorkshire.

What you will learn...


Noise and Legislation


How can noise harm us?


How do we hear?


How loud is too loud?


Ways to control exposure to noise

Detailed Course Information

A half-day course designed to help the learner understand the importance of hearing protection in a noisy work environment.

Course Content

  • The principles of sound and how sound travels
  • A brief introduction to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • The decibel scale and noise exposure limits
  • The workings of the human ear and how it can be damaged
  • Measuring sound – a demonstration using a calibrated data-logger
  • Noise suppression techniques
  • Types of personal hearing protection
  • Short course assessment of understanding

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