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COVID-19 Coronavirus

I realise we are months into lock-down and the tide appears to be turning against Covid-19, but now that non-essential organisations are beginning to open for business once again, let’s not become complacent. The threat of the virus is still real, and although we are winning, victory is still some way off.

Social distancing advice is likely to mean a more relaxed stance in the near future, but relax is all it will be for now, so as your employees begin to return to work, can you be sure you have done everything within the government guidelines to ensure their safety and well-being?

Howes-Safe already have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a return to work, including risk assessments for close proximity, segregation around the workplace, and cleansing regimes to combat transmission of the disease.

We are ready… ready to help you get ready!

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