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How loud is too loud?

Imagine what it might be like to live near a school. Quiet most of the day, but at play time the air is full of the sounds of children shouting, laughing, screaming and fighting. How about next to a military airfield or a mainline railway where the noise levels are much higher and almost constant?

The thing is, for those who do live near such places, prolonged exposure can mean they become accustomed to the noise until there comes a time when they hardly even notice it’s there. The same thing happens in the workplace. Daily exposure to noise quickly becomes the norm, and before long the workforce simply shrug it off as just one of those things – until of course they realise their hearing is getting worse.

Work Related Hearing Loss is more common than you might think, because the reality of it only comes to light in the latter years when it is too late to do anything about it. However, it’s never too late for the victims to seek compensation for corporate negligence, and with that comes unwanted media cover, reputational damage, and financial outlay.

Of course, it doesn’t need to come to that, you can act now and have your workplace surveyed for varying noise levels, even if it’s just to confirm you are within the legal limits. Do you even know what the various limits are?

Why not give me a call to discuss your options – one of them being peace of mind.

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