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Killer Cheeseburgers

The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 has had an impact on all of our lives, especially during the last couple of weeks where we find ourselves segregated from our loved ones, but unfortunately there are still some who think the rules do not apply to them.

I have heard numerous appeals on television and radio urging (and in some cases, pleading) with people to stay at home, and yet every day I see youngsters racing up and down my street on motorbikes, cars driving by with three or more people inside, and for the last three nights someone (unlikely to be just one) has been out and about setting off fireworks. Do they really believe they are so invincible?

It’s so true what they say – the virus is not particular about who it infects, but sometimes it can lay dormant in a person and show no symptoms at all, just like a computer virus lying dormant in your in-box waiting for those without anti-virus software to join your network. It only takes one group link-up and you pass the virus to half a dozen others while sitting in ignorant bliss because your computer still appears unaffected.

If that analogy wasn’t enough, try the one about the killer cheeseburgers. You start by telling the ‘indestructables’ that by not staying home they are giving themselves a 2% chance of catching the Covid-19 virus, that’s two people for every 100 that choose to wander the streets. No doubt they would shrug it off with a remark about a 98 out of a 100 not catching it; a chance they are willing to take in order to be with their friends and family. But now tell them they can have 100 free cheeseburgers to share, the only thing is, two of them are laced with a poison that will kill them, and you have no idea which two. How many cheeseburgers do you suppose they will eat?

The Government advice has not been thrown together on a whim, it is based on scientific and medical knowledge, and until a viable treatment is developed it’s the best advice we all have. Stay home and stay safe.

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